Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gala Coming Up

This past month has flown by, filled with preparations for the upcoming fundraising gala for “A Child’s Hope.” As the trip coordinator, I have been quite busy completing a number of projects in preparation. I have communicated extensively with travel agents, the missionary, the President of ACH, and others to calculate the cost to send teams down to Haiti. I have also designed a brochure to promote the trips, and created all the forms people need to fill out to apply for our trips.

Even though there was a bit of stress and adrenaline in trying to complete all of that in just 3 weeks, I had so much fun doing all of it! I enjoy being so involved with Haiti while still being able to stay at home and keep up with my homeschool studies. I am also really looking forward to being back in Haiti this summer!

So please be in prayer this weekend for the gala. Pray that many people would come, many would apply for our two trips this summer; that I would be able to answer all the questions that will come my way, and that the fundraising aspect would be a success. And that we don’t get lost in Houston. J I look forward to posting an update sometime next week!


Debbie said...

I just read this post. I hope your gala event was a big success!

I am so proud of you and your desire to serve.

Aunt Debbie

7 Eagles said...

Thanks for your comment, Aunt Debbie! The gala went very, very well. I hope to do a post on it later this week!