Get Involved

After reading more about our project, Valencia’s story, and the vision for Hope Hill, I hope that you will get involved! This project will be accomplished only through the help of scores of people.
There are three simple ways that you can help:
1.) Pray for the project. I am a believer in the power of prayer! Please pray for the children of Haiti. Pray that God would give my family and me wisdom. Pray that God would lead many people to help us.
2.) Spread the word. Tell your Pastor/church about the project. Our personal fundraising goal is $70,000 but once the academy/orphanage is built, there will be ongoing costs to sponsor the children. My hope is to get several churches onboard to support the project on a monthly basis. Please feel free to pass along my contact information (found on our “Contact Us” page) and the website address ( to your pastor, elder board, or friends if they would be interested in learning more about this work.
3.) Financially support the project. As I mentioned previously, our personal fundraising goal is $70,000. After that, there will be monthly expenses to keep the academy/orphanage running. If you are interested in supporting this project financially, please look at our “Donate Now” page. I hope that you will prayerfully consider how you can be a part of bringing hope to the children of Haiti!