Saturday, October 27, 2012


I’ve been posting a lot of great quotes, songs, and prayers on this blog lately, but not a lot in the way of updates about this project. There has been a steady stream of things going on related to the Hope Hill project. As you may have noticed from the fundraising thermometer on the side bar, the funds have continued to increase. Over the past three weeks, the amount of money donated towards the project doubled! I received several very large donations that have made a big dent! I can’t wait to reach the $5,000 mark!
I have continued to talk with a number of non-profit organizations about partnering with the project. I’m waiting to hear back from a few of them before I proceed with fundraising, etc. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more direction in the next week or two.
God has been teaching me a lot through this project so far. He’s been teaching about waiting on Him and humbling myself before Him. Lots of time has been spent in prayer for direction, and for the people in Haiti. I know God has called me to minister to the people of Haiti. How that will all come about is still unclear. But I just have to be obedient one step at a time.
Before I close, please be in fervent prayer for the people of Haiti. Hurricane Sandy hit the country pretty hard. From the reports I’ve heard, Port-Au-Prince is flooded again. Southern Haiti (where La Montagne is) sustained a lot of damage. Imagine living in a tent and trying to survive a hurricane. That would be hard enough for a grown person. Now imagine being a single parent and trying to protect your children as muddy water swirls around your ankles. You know that you may not have a shelter by the time the storm passes.
You can read more on the Hurricane here and here. These articles were written by a missionary in Port-Au-Prince. The images and video are hard to watch. My heart breaks for this nation that is continually suffering from various natural disasters. God is not done with the nation of Haiti! I know a God who brings healing and revival. May He bring that to Haiti!

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