Monday, December 3, 2012

Faces of Haiti: Little Pincher

Even though I didn’t learn all the names of the children we met in Haiti, there are still things I remember them by.

One of the little boys I met could be very sweet, but he had a habit of pinching people’s arms.
I was sitting next to him in VBS one day, and felt a rather sharp pain on my arm. I think I ended up distracting him by teaching him a hand-game.
One thing that struck me about him—other than the pinching habit—was the fact that he was wearing a jacket during the day. It was July, and over 90 degrees every day. A person might wonder why on earth he would be wearing a jacket on a day like that.
The reality is, that’s probably all he has. Pinching or not, he’s a child of the King and is loved by Him. And by me.

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