Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Touching Gift

Last Thursday night, we were all sitting innocently around the dinner table enjoying a family dinner before Dad and the twins left for a Father Daughter Retreat the next morning (more on that tomorrow.) Suddenly, all my siblings get up and go upstairs together. I thought they had some kind of surprise for Mom and Dad. I kind of wondered why I had been left out of the surprise…

When they came back down, they had a tin box in their hands. They placed it in front of me. Completely caught-off guard, I opened the lid. Inside was loose change, lots of $1 bills, a few $5's and a $20. On top was a note that read "Bianca's Orphanage Project." For months, my siblings have been squirreling away money to give me. Their "golden goal" was $100.

Inside that little tin box was $102.67! I was so humbled by their initiative and thoughtfulness, especially when they all pointed to Josiah as the one who came up with the idea. I'm more impressed by the fact that they kept this a secret for so long. J I was so touched! I am so incredibly blessed by my siblings! J

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