Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life Outside the Boat

Over the past couple of months at Wednesday night youth group, our Youth Pastor has been teaching a series called “Life Outside the Boat.” I almost laughed on one of the first weeks we attended, when he told us to open our Bibles to Matthew 14. I have lost count of how many times in the last 6 months I have heard that preached and taught on. I believe God’s trying to send me a message!

We talked in detail about Matthew 14 and then spent the next few weeks looking at examples of people who lived/are living life outside the boat. Some of the people we talked about included Peter (the disciple), Katie Davis, William Borden, Nate Saint, and our Youth Pastor’s own testimony.

Last week he concluded the series by exhorting us to live our lives “outside the boat.” He really caught my attention with the following quote:

“It’s not on you to make something happen. It’s on you to act according to what the Holy Spirit is calling you to do. It [living life outside the boat] won’t happen overnight. It requires a lifetime of faithfulness.”

I wish I had heard that quote months ago when I started this process of building an orphanage in Haiti! There were so many times when I felt so discouraged and overwhelmed. I had no idea how I—one high-school-aged girl—could possibly carry out the vision God had given me. But then God reminded me that I wasn’t called to make it happen by myself; I was called to be obedient and lean on Him to work out the details.

Even when I don’t see the results I was hoping for, I must remain faithful, as He always remains faithful to me.

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