Thursday, September 12, 2013


Pa kite bourik pou bat makout.
“Don’t miss the donkey and beat the saddlebag.” Don’t blame the wrong one.

Livestock is seemingly everywhere in rural Haiti. Donkeys are a common means of transportation and cargo-carrying in third world countries. The donkey pictured in the photo above was tied in the lot beside the mission house we stayed at in Haiti. A few of the guys named her Maurice, and she was unfortunately on the receiving end of many team jokes. But she may have deserved them to some degree; you see, Maurice seemed to think that braying as loud as she possibly could at 5 a.m. was a great way to introduce herself to the team. We did not agree.


7 Eagles said...

This quote is a very good reminder.
And "Maurice" is what I've been calling our new donkey friend in the back yard. :)~Rubia

7 Eagles said...

Thanks for your comment, Rubia! Yes, Maurice seems like a good name for that donkey. :-)