Thursday, September 26, 2013

Haitian Food

I miss Haitian food! I had been worried before we went to Haiti that it would be too spicy, but I think they toned it for us “Blan.” J As I have become more involved in foreign missions work, I am more and more grateful for the way my parents trained me in the area of food. Growing up, we were always required to eat a portion of everything, whether we liked it or not. Scientifically speaking, having enough exposure to a food, you will like it—or at least tolerate it—eventually.

I really think that happened for me! My motto now is “I’ll try anything once.” That attitude has served me well so far. In so many third-world countries, food is far more than food. It is the people’s way of showing hospitality. To refuse the food they prepare would be to refuse their generosity. And when they can barely afford to cook and eat themselves, it means even more to offer their precious food to a guest. That really puts food into perspective for me!

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