Monday, February 25, 2013

Faces of Haiti: Fedline

Please be in prayer for precious little “Fedline.” When we were in Haiti this summer, we met Fedline and her grandmother. Fedline was born with hydrocephalus. In a Third
World country, that spells death for a child. But a member of our team who had lost a child to hydrocephalus was incredibly burdened to help her.

Through our team member’s efforts, Fedline had a shunt put in several months ago to drain the fluid off her brain. Unfortunately her skull was deformed and she needed a helmet. Last week she developed an infection and the doctor removed her shunt and only gave her a few more days to live.

Today, we received an update that they took her back to the hospital and the doctor was able to drain a lot of the fluid from her body and drastically reduce the swelling. She is still in critical shape.

Please pray that--if it be God’s will--that He would spare this precious baby’s life. In her short 10 months of life, she has already touched so many lives. Please pray that God will heal her however He sees fit. If that means providing adequate medical care for her here on earth, then we will praise Him. If that means taking precious Fedline to be with Him in heaven, then we will praise Him.

Also pray that God would continue to work and move in the country of Haiti. It breaks my heart that a disease that can be so easily treated here in the States kills children in countries like Haiti. Pray that God would raise up more laborers in the medical field who will go to Haiti!

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