Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update on Meeting with A Child's Hope

I am finally getting around to posting the much-anticipated update on my meeting with the board members of “A Child’s Hope” down in Houston! I had intended to post about it several weeks ago, but my intentions were put on hold following the death of my paternal Grandmother. Thank you all for being patient with me!

I was able to meet more than half of the board members of ACH, and I have never felt more welcomed into a group before. When people are united for the cause of God’s Kingdom, it brings about a camaraderie that can’t be matched anywhere else.

We discussed in detail our respective efforts/organizations and our visions for La Montagne and what a partnership would look like. The vision of ACH includes and also goes above and beyond the vision I had. I could write until my fingers cramp up, but rather than describe their organization in-depth here, I would encourage you to go over to their website and have a look for yourself:

As of yesterday afternoon, I became an official partner with “A Child’s Hope.” Our visions work together so well, and together we can do far more much sooner.

There are a couple things you should know about this partnership:

1.) All funds towards the project in Haiti can and should continue to be sent to our church in Michigan. We are keeping that account open so that funds can continue to go through there, so that I can keep a record of the donations that I have raised. I am keeping my original goal of $70,000, so this helps me keep a better record of my progress. Eventually that money will be transferred over to ACH.

2.) This website will remain up and running. I will probably redo some of the pages to reflect the partnership, so you may be seeing some updates to the pages. I will continue to post regular updates on what’s going on in Haiti. We don’t consider Hope Hill to have dissolved, but rather partnered with ACH.

My personal involvement in the project has also shifted a bit due to the partnership. In a lot of ways, it has been a good shift! While I am still one of the visionaries of the project, the responsibility of executing that vision doesn’t fall only on my shoulders anymore. I am now part of a team of people that is working together to accomplish this goal. While a lot has been accomplished so far, I believe that far more can be accomplished with more people on board!

There are lots of opportunities for me to come alongside ACH now and in the future to serve the people of Haiti. I am currently helping with a fundraising gala in April down in Houston. I may also become the missions liaison/trip coordinator for ACH. I may actually be helping host teams sent by ACH in Haiti this summer while Ben and I are there for a month. One of my immediate assignments is to determine the cost of the trips, so please be in prayer as I take on that task!

I am so very excited about this partnership and where God is leading! His fingerprints have truly been all over this connection, and I believe He is going to bless our efforts!


Alexis Wassenberg said...

Congratulations! :) I'm looking forward to watching the Lord work through you and ACH. May He indeed bless your efforts! :)

Love in Christ,

7 Eagles said...

Thank you, Alexis! I too, look forward to what God does through this partnership.