Friday, February 1, 2013

Haitian Proverb

As I was reading through my Haitian proverbs book last night, this one really stood out to me:
Sa je pa wè; pa fè kè tounen.
“What the eyes don’t see doesn’t sour the heart.” What you don’t see doesn’t bother you.
I had to pause and think about this one for a minute. It reminded me of a post I did awhile back called “Disturbed.” This proverb sums up one of the reasons that I believe everyone should go on a missions trip to a third-world country at some point in their life. Looking at pictures and seeing news clips just doesn’t have the same effect as SEEING a person’s suffering with your own eyes.
As a culture, we have gotten very good at ignoring the news. We teach our children to turn their eyes away from certain things. But sometimes we need to LOOK. If we never truly SEE the suffering of others, SEE their need for the gospel, it will never bother us. We will never be pushed to DO something.

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