Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faces of Haiti: Fabie

We serve a God of miracles. When our team was in Haiti, we met a little girl named “Fabie.” This little girl was severely burned when she tripped while carrying an oil lamp in early 2012. Due to the severity of her burns, her skin did not heal properly. As a result, her chest and her chin healed together. This immobilized her neck, made swallowing difficult, and stole this little girl’s joy.

Her caregiver—her grandmother—brought her to us while we were on La Montagne. She left Fabie with us for 5 hours while she went down into the city to get her birth certificate so that we could pursue medical help for her. While her injury was non-life threatening, there could be complications in the future as she continues to grow.

Five months later, on January 11th, Fabie finally made it to the U.S.A. One member of our team was incredibly impacted by her story, and worked tirelessly to get her the medical help she needs. After ensuring that there was no doctor in Haiti that could help her, she turned to doctors in the States until she got approval from a hospital that would donate their services to help this precious child.

A family from our church in Michigan was very touched by Fabie’s story, and wanted to adopt her into their family. You cannot imagine the joy and excitement present at the airport when Fabie and her new family finally got to meet! Fabie has a new family that loves her, has prayed for her, and will be with her as her plastic surgeries start in late February.

Fabie will have multiple surgeries over the next 2 years to correct her burns. During that time her new family will work on the adoption process necessary to make Fabie a permanent part of their family.

What an amazing God we serve! He not only crossed our paths with Fabie in Haiti, but He also gave a burden to her new family to adopt her. He provided a doctor, hospital, and medical team that is willing to cover the expenses for her surgery. He is changing Fabie from the scared, shy, and sad little girl we met in July to a little girl that is joyful, well-adjusted, who smiles, and experienced her very first bath this weekend. J Our God is the God of the impossible! Beni swa Letenel!

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