Friday, January 11, 2013

Haitian Proverbs Galore!

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a book called “Hidden Meanings” by Wally Turnbull. It’s a book filled with over 1,200 Haitian proverbs! I don’t believe I’ll be running out of proverbs to share any time soon. J The following one gave me a good laugh over the mental image of a turkey laughing:

y'ap plimen poul kodenn pa ri.

“When the chicken is being plucked, the turkey doesn’t laugh.” Don’t laugh at others’ misfortune, for it could happen to you, too.


Alexis Wassenberg said...

Seeing as my family has had some experience in "dressing" chickens and turkeys, this gave me a nice laugh! :) Thanks Bianca!

Joyfully His,

7 Eagles said...

I'm glad the post gave you a laugh, Alexis! :-) It's a pretty funny proverb.